Daily Archives: January 24, 2015

Inkgrabber Promo codes


This morning, the ink of my printer’s cartridge got over and so I had to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer. I thought of buying it online using my account in one of the online merchant services website. As I had to buy many ink cartridges I really wanted to save some money on that. Through one of my friends I came to know about buying products online using coupon codes. He told me that it helps us to save tons of cash on the product we buy online.

As I am well aware of the fact that for most of the leading online stores definitely there are discount options based on coupons and vouchers available in the internet, I kept browsing for voucher codes for this retailer and found the site for vouchers  which we can call as a depot of promo codes for popular leading online brands and retailers.

Through one of the popular coupon codes selling websites I bought few coupons. And using the inkgrabber coupon I order for inkjet cartridges of a major brand. To my surprise the discount that I got was higher than my expectations and since it was a free shipping exclusive coupon I got a free of cost home delivery for my order.