I May Have a New Girlfriend

I met this girl at school, she needed a tutor for math and I needed some money. I was surprised that she was wearing a diamond choker necklace when I met her, but I did not think that it was real until I realized that she is really quite rich. At any rate she did not really seem to need a tutor all that bad, but I soon realized that she was really serious about getting a great grade in this course. She was really determined to ace the course and make the honor roll. It turned out that she is really sweating her chances of getting into medical school, even though that is a couple of years away. Obviously you really have to focus if that is your goal.

Of course I am on such a heavy course load, that it would be really tough to have much of a job. There simply is not that much time in the day. Most days I am in class at seven in the morning and I do not get home until late in the afternoon, but these are not the sort of course that you can breeze through. At least I can not. So this tutoring thing was one of the few ways that I could make things work out for me. I am really happy with the stroke of luck I had, because it turns out that she had an extra room and she let me move in it after things went bad with the place I had been sharing with this crazy guy. So far things are going really slow, except that some times she decides that she wants what she wants. Apparently it is more of a thing to relieve stress than anything else, like I said she is really focused on school.