Review of based on my Experience – The Pros and Cons


What is ?

Yroo is an online shopping site which consists of a combined features of social networking and shopping sites, to put in simple terms – a combination of Amazon and Facebook. Any person can sign up and create a social shopping community of their friends and also can get alerts and information on cash backs, coupons, offers, vouchers and price drops and many more.


My experience with Yroo – The Pros and Cons

Yroo is actually in its initial stage but has already made a buzz for its highly promising referral program and there are already videos and reviews on its legitimacy and ways to make money using those programs. So, out of curiousness I explored Yroo and based on my experience I am sharing the below pros and cons or likes and dislikes I have with it.


Pros or Likes

– First thing I liked about Yroo is the idea or concept of  a ‘social shopping site’ and also its tempting referral program to make good money

– User friendly site with easy to understand and self-explanatory features

– Not only through referral there are many information on coupons, vouchers and cash backs to save on your online shopping purchases with all kinds of leading retailer sites such as Old Navy, The Gap, Macy’s and so on.

– yroo shopping engine is pretty cool with which users can easily search through products and filter them based on categories. Looks like they have millions of products to filter by search from a diversified no. of brands

– You can set alerts on price drops of your favorite products, an amazing and highly needed feature

– To my knowledge Yroo is the only shopping site on the web where points earned can be turned into cash backs and can be withdrawn through paypal even in other leading shopping portals you can only get discounts with points and you cannot withdraw them

– If you have a passion for shopping search you can build your personalised collection of deals for your favorite products

– You can invite your friends and make money and at the same build your own social shopping network at yroo shopping community


Cons – Suggestions for Areas for Improvement

– Since the site is at an early stage there is a lot of room for improvement especially on the overall look and feel of the site

– The landing page or home page whichever you visit asks you for a sign up even to just have a glance of it

– Pages take little time more than an average acceptable time to load

– Site’s theme should be help the navigation easier

– Most of the features in the user’s profile focuses on sharing and promoting the site and getting rewarded for it. I personally feel the site is still an unfinished product but has already made a wide reach due to its mouth watering referral program which will back fire its image and branding, once the site is complete and then is marketed at current pace, it will definitely become No.1 social shopping site on the web.